RBoots Shertzer

I have lived on the edges. Struggled and fought, pushing boundaries from both within and without. I have watched my queer-trans-community, brothers, sisters, lovers, in all our joy, beauty and passion, and I have seen suffering and anguish. I am compelled to give voice to all I have experienced and witnessed. My work attempts to embody my struggle and rage, our beauty and fierceness. I work with combinations of texture, materials, and raw emotion. These images are both beautiful and harsh, holding the sacred and the profane, at once fragile and violent. They are caught in flight, somewhere between heaven and earth, release and transformation. Embattled in pain, raw, exposed, pushed to the edge of the canvas. Their gaze dares the audience to explore their wounds, struggle, and healing; a reflection, an invitation, a challenge to climb inside the ache. My work questions the bounds of connection, beauty, gender, sexuality, love, and passion.

Website: brazennectar.wordpress.com

Social Media: @brazen_bandit and @brazenbandits


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