ArtiPLAQ™ Mounting: An affordable alternative to custom picture framing for your prints.


    ArtiPLAQ™ is a locally owned and operated company and orders are typically turned around within two weeks. Click through the gallery below to see a retail installation of historical photographs done for Eldredge Lumber & Hardware in Portland, Maine. All of the images were printed here at Maine Photo Works and mounted by ArtiPLAQ™ in the standard plaq style. For more information on ArtiPLAQ, read on below or stop into our studio to check out some samples!

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The Art iPLAQ™ Process

No glare. No glass. UV protected and ready to hang on the wall. Your print is permanently bonded so it will not buckle, wrinkle or fade. Edges are finished in a variety of colors for a frame-free contemporary look, ready to hang on the wall.

The ArtiPLAQ™ process has been proven and perfected over a span of 35 years. Made in Maine, using lumber industry by-products and the best adhesive and laminating films available, ArtiPLAQ™ will protect your prints from the harmful elements of the atmosphere for years to come.

Most any print on any paper can be ArtiPLAQ’d. Whatever you decide to plaq however, will change permanently when bonded to the wooden substrate and sealed with our laminate film. These changes are good, but the process cannot be reversed. Over-lamination of art work causes a slight reduction of color contrast. Close comparison, of an original print to one over-laminated with our matte “Artishield” film, reveals a perceptible reduction in vibrancy, particularly with whites and pastel colors. Original works of art should be archived in some other manner that would facilitate future reproduction.

ArtiPLAQ™ offers a clean, contemporary look for your printed image. It’s the product of choice for high humidity environments such as kitchens, bathrooms and aboard ship. Unlike glass-faced artwork, our plaqs are safe for hospitals, schools, busy hallways and similar locations.

The illustrations below show the variations available for ArtiPLAQ™ custom mounted plaques. Standard and float plaq edges can be finished with a black edge. To see samples, please stop by our studio during our regular business hours.

Art iPLAQ™ Profiles