Scanning of Prints and 2D Media up to 20 x 30 inches.

Scans are priced based on the level of quality chosen (Standard or Premium), size of the original print, and the total number of prints in the order.

Please refer to our price sheet for pricing information.

  • Standard scanning provides a digital file suitable for making prints up to 8×10” at 300 DPI or for viewing on a screen.
  • Premium scanning provides a high resolution digital file suitable for prints up to 20×30” at 300 DPI.
  • Digital files are available in a JPG or TIFF file format. The files can be copied onto a disc, thumb drive, or uploaded for online access.
  • Premium scans include a Photoshop filter to remove minor dust and scratches in the image.
  • Restoration of damaged or faded photographs is available at a rate of $50/hour. Restorations also require premium scanning (for best results).
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*Custom scanning specifications are available. If you are digitizing for a specific purpose or are not sure what you need let us know when you drop the order off in our studio. We can discuss your needs and decide what makes the most sense for you!