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To place an order, first select the intended size for your print, choose a paper, and select your desired edge treatment. Then, upload your image file(s) (JPG, JPEG, TIFF, TIF, and PNG files only). After you've selected your image file, you will be prompted to crop it to the intended print size. Once you've cropped the image, click "Upload" and, once the upload is complete, you can add your item to the cart. If you want multiple copies of the same image with the same selections, you may adjust the quantity accordingly in the cart.

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Epson Enhanced Matte

  • Alpha Cellulose paper with weight of 192 gsm and 10 mil thick.
  • The Enhanced Matte is a bright white smooth matte paper with no reflectivity.

Epson Premium Luster

  • Resin Coated Alpha Cellulose paper with weight of 240 gsm and 10 mil thick.
  • The Premium Luster paper is a bright white semi-gloss photographic paper with a pearled reflectivity on the surface.


FINE ART PAPERS $26/sq. ft

Epson Hot Press Bright

  • 100% cotton rag paper with weight of 330 gsm and 16 mil thick.
  • The Hot Press Bright is a bright white, smooth, fine art matte paper. Developed by Epson specifically for fine art reproductions, this paper has an extremely wide color gamut and is able to provide a spectacular range of tones. It’s a great choice for artists, photographers, and any fine art application. The paper is also acid free and Ph buffered for further image permanence.

Epson Legacy Textured

  • 100% cotton fiber paper with a weight of 305 gsm and 20 mil thick.
  • The Legacy Textured paper is a highly textured fine art paper akin to a cold press watercolor paper. The paper produces the richest black densities of any matte paper we have ever seen and has an expanded color gamut–making it a great candidate for both fine art photography and works of art. The paper is also acid free, lignin free, Ph buffered, and contains no optical brightening agents.

Epson Legacy Platine

  • 100% cotton fiber paper with weight of 315 gsm and 17 mil thick.
  • The Legacy Platine paper from Epson is a satin finish paper meant to replicate the look and feel of a traditional silver halide F-surface paper. With an industry leading microporous inkjet receptive layer, the Legacy Platine produces wonderfully deep blacks and the broadest color gamut of all of our papers which makes for exceptionally accurate photographic prints and reproductions. Since this paper is acid and linen free, free of optical brightening agents, and pH buffered it also provides outstanding image permanence and durability.