Canvas wraps are gallery wrapped on either 3/4″ or 1 1/2″ deep bars. Edge treatment can be mirrored, white, or black. Canvases are ready to hang and do not require framing.

To place an order, select your stretcher bar depth, size, and edge treatment. Then, select your image file(s) for upload. Once a file is selected, you will be prompted to crop the image to the intended print size. Crop the image to your liking, click "Upload" and, once the upload is complete, you can add your item(s) to the cart. If you want multiple copies of the same image with the same selections, you may adjust the quantity accordingly in the cart.

If you do not want your image cropped and/or are not sure what size would be best for it, you can upload the file here, give us an idea of the scale you'd like it printed at, and we will follow up with you on our next business day.

If your file is over 200 MB, you can upload those to our Dropbox here. The full order can then be placed below using JPG placeholders or you can email the order details to and we get you in our order queue!

PLEASE NOTE: Orders take 1-2 weeks to complete. If you need your order by a certain date, include this in your order notes. If we cannot meet your deadline we will refund your order on our next business day.


    We are able stretch canvas at almost any size as long as the shorter side does not exceed 40 inches for our standard wrap and 38 inches for our deeper wrap. Contact us for pricing and availability of alternate sizes.

    • If your image is not already in the aspect ratio you select, we will suggest an alternate size that does not require cropping.
    • Our standard wraps are made with 3/4 inch deep Fredrix Stretcher Bars which are Kiln Dried Ponderosa Pine sourced from environmentally responsible companies. The 1 1/2 inch deep wraps are stretched over Jack Richeson & CO heavy duty stretcher bars. These extremely high quality bars are perfect for larger print sizes and are manufactured in Kimberly, Wisconsin.
    • Each canvas print is sealed using an inkjet canvas varnish which protects the surface of the print from both water and UV damage.
    • You can choose from a white border, black border, or mirror image border.