Pamela LB Shockey

Pamela was born in Bethesda, MD and lives in N Yarmouth, ME.  She has a Bachelor of Fine Art and focuses on painting landscapes and still life in oil. She grew up visiting her grandparents in Maine every year since birth.  She has a strong connection to the coast as well as the mountains since those travels brought her to both areas throughout her life. Her subject matter ranges from Maine's inland scenery to its rocky shoreline. This diverse landscape begs to be captured in her work, and highlights Maine's undeniable beauty.  She emphasizes this by using bold brush strokes and exaggerated color. She also enjoys painting still life subjects that embody quintessential Maine. These are typically objects  found on her daily excursions.

Pamela’s work is available at the Lemont Block Collective in Brunswick, Maine and on her website.

IG: @plbsart

FB: Pamela Shockey Paintings Page under Pamela Shockey

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